shapeimage_1MASE is short for the MAGE Spectral Extractor.  It is written in IDL and contains the pipeline and GUI for reducing MAGE data.  MAGE, or the Magellan Echellete Spectrograph, is a medium resolution ( R ~ 4,100 ), cross-dispersed, optical spectrograph on the Clay Telescope atLas Campanas Observatory.  Details on the instrument can be found in Jennifer Marshall’s SPIE paper.

My suggestions for calibrating the MAGE spectrograph can be found here.   Further information about observing procedures at the telescope can be found in the MAGE user’s guide.

The IDL reduction code for the MASE spectrograph can be found here.  Documentation will be added shortly and for now can be found here.

For more information, please see my paper detailing MASE (astro-ph, ADS).  Please cite Bochanski et al., 2009, PASP 121, 1409 if you use the program.